The taxi flying in the sky shows you the glimpse of modern futuristic world which is coming in front of you day by day.

The taxi flying in the sky shows you the glimpse of modern futuristic world which is coming in front of you day by day.

latest technology

Recently we have seen some cars flying taxi in dubai in the sky using latest technology for vertical takeoff and landing concepts lately, as small air travels has been noted as a next generation solution for transportation problems. But there are different crafts those are still in the process of design and deployment phase.

Newest company design

The newest company to come on front have designed a flying Passenger Drone, which have a 3 years stealth mode feature to show off its 2 person prototype. The passenger drone is a bit more bigger than a mini car and it have 16 individual electric engines and rotors for 0 emissions air travel.

The start-up has have done some quality home work against their better and well known opponents, like Airbus and Uber. Passenger Drone has lived up to its name, test flight pictures shows a safest way to travel with passengers.

latest updates

Company announced that the first flight took place in August. Human occupants were able to manage the drone manually using a joystick and touchscreen panel, or to allow the computer to fly in autonomous mode. Passenger Drone estimates that the craft has a range of about 20 miles, with a top speed of 50 mph, according to Electrek.

Updates reviews

Passenger Drone didn’t went very high or have not traveled far beyond its limitations and boundaries — but the test flight was just a first step.

Along with automated and manual control options, Passenger Drone says the crafts can be remotely operated from great distances (like, EU to North America far) via a 4G network, as you might expect from a vehicle being billed as a drone.

Passenger Drone prototype

The Passenger Drone prototype still has a ways to go before it’s ready to autonomously zip around cities, however — the company told that they are planning to announce more info at next year’s conference.

Passenger Drone joins the like of Uber, which is aiming at a 2020 target to launch an autonomous prototype and the city of Dubai, which recently held the first unmanned test flight of the air taxi service slated for development over the next five years.


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