Weight Watchers is a US based global company known for its celebrity endorsed health & fitness programs. The company uses a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, getting more exercise and providing support. The company currently offers three variants of its services and wanted to do a Proof of Concept (POC) for one of its offerings, ‘Meetings’.


OrBizSoft provided its Blueprint service to build the Weight Watchers ME App as a POC for the company. With this App, users can conduct and attend “Meeting Rooms” – one of the three main services offered by the company. The main idea behind creating ME App was to build an online platform which doubles up as an online place for the physical meetings.

The App consists of three interfaces: Leader, Members and Visitors. Leaders can manage and set up their meetings and members can sign up for meetings based on criteria like leader profile, agenda or topic. They can either chose to join the meeting in person, or attend it virtually over their smartphone App. Further, the App is designed to support various offline features, chat sessions and ongoing message boards, that continue to help everyone long after the meetings are over.

Prominent Features

  • Personal/Group Chat
  • Schedule & Setup Meetings
  • Post to community walls
  • Invite friends
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Promotions and Events


  • Helps Users to overcome the challenges faced in weight loss programs.
  • Help users to lead a healthier as well as more active life.
  • Group chats to share the views and discuss
  • Gives inspiration for a healthy lifestyle


The app was well received by the members and leaders. The leaders saw good engagement among members outside the meeting rooms.