Halo Smart Labs is a US based firm that manufactures a range of smart alarms for residential and commercial spaces. They claim to be the first company to combine dedicated sensor technology to quickly detect both fast and slow-burning fires and carbon monoxide in a single device. With its smart sensors, Halo can differentiate between a false alarm and a real fire. The product also has an embedded weather radio which creates alerts whenever there is a weather threat like a tornado or hurrican


OrBizSoft worked on the requirements laid down by Halo Smart Labs to develop mobile applications to achieve their goal of providing a smart smoke alarm to the world. It is OrBizSoft’ first IOT application. Halo app notifies users about smoke and/or CO detected in their homes and receives weather notifications for calamities like tornado, hurricane, volcano etc.


  • Smart way to control smoke detector
  • Highly configurable
  • Easy to manage and scalable environmental monitor
  • Capable of monitoring carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Remotely monitor home for fire threats

Prominent Features

  • Depending on what is detected – smoke, CO or weather notification, red or
    blue LED respectively turns ON
  • Family/ friends can get notifications on their smartphones about any fire or
    weather related threat
  • Users can control Halo’s RGB LEDs via their smartphone (they serve as night lamp)


  • The alarm adds a layer of safety
  • It also enable remote monitoring of homes/commercial spaces