10 Latest and easy to use New iOS incredible Features

10 Latest and easy to use New iOS incredible Features

Face time screenshots

Say bye-bye to blurry FaceTime screenshots. The iOS 11 update integrated a shutter button to capture clearer moments, just side of your screen and iOS will capture the shot. Note that both you and the person you are chatting with need to be on iOS 11.

Move Multiplpe Apps

Organizing your home screen just got less tedious. Just hold down on an app, and while you,re in the process of moving, tap on other apps to include them in the group you,re shifting around. Neat!

Access Notes from lock

now that you can customize the control center, you can prioritize the apps you use most often. Notes is a handy one. Go to Control Center> Customize Control Center and add Notes. Then, go to Settings, tap notes, and select “Access Notes from Lock Screen”.

Maximize Your Storage

Before the iOS 11 update, you were only able to see which apps were taking up the most space. Useful, But limited. Now, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see recommendations about what unused apps, old messages, and attachments you can get rid of the maximize your space.

Turn off App Rating

If you’re sick and tired of receiving those “rate this app” notifications every time you open up an app, you can now shut them off for good. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store to toggle off “In-App Ratings & Reviews” to get peace of mind. it’s still polite to review apps you really like, of course.

Turn off Autoplay

App Store Went through a major overhaul, which includes an auto-play video function in each app’s description that nobody asked for. You can disable it by going to settings > iTunes & App Store > Video Auto-play.

Type of Siri

You’re finally able to type messages to Siri instead of speaking to it out loud. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri > Type to Siri to activate. But there are two downsides: You can no longer speak to Siri unless you use the dictation feature, and Siri won’t speak the answers to you neither.

So Prictical

While we are on the topic of scanning, did we mention that you can also scan physical documents right into your notes app using your camera?

A new way to share

Instead of senting links to articles, you can now save the sites you visit as a PDF to instantly share them with your friends. Just hit the share button in Safari and press “Create PDF”

New iMessage effects

iMessage just got a whole lot more dramatic. Use effects like “echo” which sends many tiny versions of your message at once, or “send with spotlight” which places a literal spotlight on your message to give your texts some pizazz.


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